Do you think it cannot happen to you? It is happening right here in San Diego. Long-time business owners in Little Italy are getting letters from developers advising them that the City has advertised their property to developers, suggesting that the developers acquire those properties for private redevelopment. Just last summer, the City of San Diego declared Grantville/Tierrasanta blighted, opening the way for private property seizures in that thriving residential area. Former downtown property owners are still reeling from the blizzard of condemnations that resulted from the feeding frenzy caused by developers greedy for prime space near the new ballpark and fed by the City's willingness to hand one private party's property over to another private party. The City is currently vigorously defending its right to condemn a successful Gaslamp business to make way for a private hotel. You could be next.

It happened to us. National City offered us about 60% of market value. By suing for a just price we obtained about 85% of the fair market value with a settlement out of court as the legal fees were mounting faster than the potential gains. The city did NOT use the land for the betterment of the public, but turned around and sold it to our neighbor!

If you try to sell your property including your house, you MUST disclose that it is located in a blighted area.

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